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Virtual PBX - Our journey. The results? Totally worth it!!

So I don't administer the IT systems, we have a team that does it and the one thing they were always complained about was the PBX system.  Updates broke the system, provisioning was a pain, moving people was a pain, forwarding was a pain, hardware compatibility was a pain.

They kept on pushing for a Virtual PBX system.  I kept on looking at the numbers, Subscription, hardware, management, updates, etc.  I just couldn't find a business case for it.  But after persistence from the IT department, we decided to go for it.  The result, it's one of the best decisions we have made, here's why:

  • Less Down time - The system doesn't break
  • No special hardware - We need the internet and use the Computer or Cell Phones, no servers or desk phones
  • No special infrastructure - No telephone lines, just an internet connection
  • Always Connected - When i'm on the road I use my smartphone, when at my desk my computer and headset.
  • More intuitive - No training, just plug and play
  • Less wires - We don't have to manage as wires and do cord management.

Now our IT department's time and resources are used towards other continuous improvement projects.

Live Long and Cut the Cord