Electronics manufacturing has a lot of details, details need to be managed, management leads to mis-management, mis-management leads to unhappy customers.  We did an extensive search to find software that is build for the electronics manufacturing industry, and we felt like goldilocks.  Here are our reasons:

  • The software that could do it was WAY too costly
  • The software that fit our size didn't have the features
  • Either way customization would need to be done
  • We would have to run the business the way the software told us, we would have no control
  • Ragu vs Mom's Sauce - If we used what everybody else did we wouldn't stand out
  • Improvements take TOOOOO long

advantages for our customers?

We think we have a really awesome thing going, ultimately it has to add value to our customers, so what do you get, here are some things you could expect

  • More focus on execution, service & continual improvement, not management.
  • Paperless
  • Traceability
  • Better communication
  • Controlled Processes
  • Lower Overhead (less management)
  • Agile - We can implement improvements & new requirements quickly
  • Quick Product Launch - Controlled & detailed NPI Process
  • Scaleability - Ability to onboarding and train so that we can scale quickly.
  • QMS Compliance - System is designed to be compliant to AerospaceAutomotive and Medical Device industries

We love what we have created and it's our secret sauce.  When you get a taste of what Amtech can do, you'll remember us and want more.