3D Automated Optical Inspection (3D AOI)

Every once in a while there is a technology that disrupts what the norms are.  One such disruption in the electronics manufacturing industry is that of 3D AOI.

Automated Optical Inspection is a fairly new technology in entire lifecycle of electronics manufacturing, and we have seen it evolve.  With the early machines running it was hit and miss. With so many false calls we go into a trance of ignoring false calls we may even end up ignoring an  actual defect! Conceptually AOI is an exciting machine.  It doesn't get tired like a human inspector would, and will catch errors consistently.

With 3D AOI, it goes to the next level, many issues like shadows and artifacts that come in the way of scanning are eliminated.  Components are measured to the 1 micron level to see way beyond what a conventional 2D AOI can see.  Its like getting glasses for the first time.  The machine can see solder filets and virtually eliminate no calls and false calls.

Amtech was one of the first companies to receive this machine, and through time, we have become Jedi masters in 3D AOI and are working at an even higher level of quality.