Those Darn Tin Whiskers!

In the Industry because of the European push for RoHS or lead free boards, more and more electronics are manufactured with RoHS Solder, and with RoHS solder comes a new set of challenges in the manufacturing process.

One such challenge is that of tin whiskers.  With the use of the commonly used convection and IR ovens there is a higher risk of producing tin whiskers in the reflow process. Tin whiskers can make the board susceptible shorts and many other quality defects. It has been proven by experimentation that the use of the old forgotten technology of Vapor Phase reflow can vastly reduce tin whiskers.

In Vapor Phase Reflow heat is transferred by the vapors condensing on the solder joints. It does not damage components that are sensitive to higher temperatures. We have even managed to solder onto a entire aluminum block.

The mitigation of tin whiskers is yet another reason why Vapor Phase Reflow is the best Reflow process!

Check out our Video on how Vapor Phase Reflow Works: