The Electronics Industry - It's always a new day

I don't know how I found myself in the electronics industry, but i'm glad I did.  This is why I like it:

  • I'm the cool guy at the party - I find out about trends and products before the rest of the public knows about it.
  • Wow - New breakthrough devices that just make me say wow.
  • Creativity - To see the different solutions people make out of the same raw material is true art.
  • Keeps me young - When the technology advances so fast, I keep on learning new things and staying refreshed. 
  • Not Boring - The nice thing is I can't bored, if I do, we lose our competitive edge.

Nowadays with IoT developing so rapidly, we can see how electronics will directly affect the quality of life.  I can't wait to see what I won't have to do in the future with all the new IoT solutions being developed.

Live Long and keep being amazed.