Acton Academy - Innovation in Education

Education and innovation are required for a stable and progressive life, family, society, country, economy and really world. 

We have seen innovation in our day to day lives.  Just in my lifetime, the internet, broadband, e-commerce, smart devices, IoT, LED lighting and the birth of autonomous vehicles.  The way we lived 20 years ago, is not the way we live right now, it has disrupted the typical lifecycle of a generation.  It used to be that 1 skill could get you all the way to retirement, now, because things change so fast, we find ourselves re-inventing our career path multiple times.  

The rate of innovation in education has not kept up.  Of course the iterative cycle for education is generations, not years.  Regardless some type of effort needs to be made, a new trail must be blazed.

Acton Academy is really doing something innovative in education, the great things is it is designed to scale.  

You can get more information about Acton at, and check out this video.

Live Long and keep learning.