TEDx Detroit 2015


For the third year I have attended TEDx Detroit, it is a really refreshing experience to be able to see so much creativity and positivity for the Detroit Area.  

This in 2015 it took place at the majestic Fox theather.

There was a Great list of speakers who motivated and inspired the people of Metro Detroit to do something unique and positive.



From people who shared how they overcame their difficulties and came out of their poeverty like Rita Fields, to comedians like Amer Zahir who shared how they as Arab Americans love this country but wish America would love him back.

Along with all the motivating thoughts, there was also so much innovation being shared in the Internet of Things, also at TEDxLabs we ran into our frinds at i3 Detroit who were explaining how they can help inventors and builders by providing the tools they have.


After being intellectually recharged at TEDx Detroit we had the opportunity to go to Comerica Park accross the street and walk on the field and go into the dug outs!

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