A sales newbie

So in January we had cause to celebrate.  Our Salesman Jim Barnes put in his years in and retired.  I just saw him last week and wow, he was enjoying it, long hair, hawaiian T-Shirt and all.  With his retirement it meant we had to restructure our sales team and well i'm doing it now.  Talk about a deer in headlamps.  With a new wardrobe (and re-realization that I needed diet and exercise) I went at it and man, it's pretty wild out there =).

Electronics is a really fun industry, with new things happening all the time.  Especially now with Internet of Things (IoT) everybody has access and the ability to collect data, dump it to the cloud and make something intelligent (IE this sprinkler controller, we use it and it's nice).  But this blog post isn't about IoT or challenges in Electronics Manufacturing.  It's about our experience in sales.

Some things I have learned in sales so far:

  • There are a lot of awesome people out there
  • Tons of creativity in Michigan (the Valley knows it too)
  • The supply chain is solid in Michigan
  • There are a lot of cool products out there
  • It's a process!!!!
  • There is an abundance of business to be earned.
  • I have to learn how to facebook, tweet, link-in, etc.
  • and I have to say it again -> There are a lot of awesome people out there!!!

One of the people I met is  Mike Keith the owner of the office coffee shop in Royal Oak.  We have been working on a peer to peer group for startups and entrepreneurs.  Feel free to Join us for what we call Business Social (BSocial) Wednesdays from 6-8 on at the coffee shop.

I look forward to what the future holds.

Live Long and Innovate