What's your volume?

Through the years potential customers always ask us what our sales volume is.  The assumption is that this is a quick way to gauge if we have the infrastructure and experience to manage larger programs.  It's a simple conversation, I tell them, then they look at me, 20 years in business and that's it?  Trust me it's demoralizing, I LOOSE sleep thinking about it.

To an extent I appreciate where they come from, I would ask the same thing, it is a decent gauge.  But this is what I have to say to that, it's not alway about the Benjamins.  Volume is a good indicator, however if you don't dive deeper, it can be a superficial one, IE don't judge a book by its cover.  So how do I go to sleep knowing we should be much larger than we are?  I remember the following:

  • We have the infrastructure - we got it all, training, equipment, facility, capacity, cash.
  • We have the best equipment, processes, people and software of any Electronics Contract Manufacturer in Michigan
  • We are striving to be disruptive - being competitive is a prerequisite, but we are going to make a mark
  • Lower or High Volume, profitability matters and we are profitable
  • Being in business is to make a living and with a particular lifestyle, we have the foundation to take on volume while maintaining a lifestyle
  • Not all business is good business, we are selective about our customers and projects, we want partners
  • We don't auction off the cheapest price, we take pride in the value we add
  • Life is good, the universe has a plan, just keep hustling

Come by, take a look at what we have going, you will walk away impressed.  When I look at everything we have accomplished, I impress myself.

So if we have a solid infrastructure to springboard, what's the next frontier?  Sales.

It's time to pound the pavement, ready or not here we come.

Live Long and Hustle.