Amtech's Approach - AmDT, our free PCBA test offering

Electronics are complex, so many different parts coming together for a specific outcome.  The more parts the more failure modes.  To make sure the whole assembly has come together, it needs to be tested.

The electronics industry has developed a very robust method of testing assemblies.  Robust and expensive which is cost we need to ensure quality.

Things have changed a lot, components are of such quality that they don't fail like they used to.  Majority of the failures come from manufacturing defects now.  That means our test methodology should change.

Amtech developed a test procedure that does just that.  We call it the Amtech Defect Test (AmDT).  Here are our advantages:

  • Ensures a manufacturing defect free product is delivered.
  • No Labor Cost - We will test for free
  • No programming, design or Development Costs - Amtech Will cover this
  • Only pay for Bed of nails - One time cost that will play dividends
  • Cuts testing cost out of your product leads to more profits for everybody.

In the end we feel with doing testing for free we are able eliminate costs and provide competitive overseas pricing, domestically.

Live Long and keep Saving