How to make 1+1=3? Not through Networking, the Key is Synergy!!!!

Before I talk about anything else, Awesome title right? (HIGH FIVE), it rhymes and everything (you should give a like just for it).  OK back to business....

So networking, it is really a powerful tool in meeting new people and forging new relationships.  I've seen some superstar networkers that can break the ice and make those connections.  It's great for them, but me, not so much.  

The art of making small talk real talk is a gift which I was not born with, however, meeting new people and forging relationships is the key to success.  With the help of a lot of peers I started participating in groups that actually did things.  We get together talk about issues we face in our careers, businesses, industries etc.  Through this "Doing" we:

  • Started leveraging other people's experiences to improve
  • Built (and continue to build) intimate relationships
  • Accelerated our business strategy initiatives
  • Make great friends and memories
  • Started generating good will in the universe
  • Motivated me and put some wind beneath my wings

In the end by coming together and doing, we are creating synergies that affect the bottom line, either through sales or operations.

I want to thank all those who have given me their time and opened up, we are the better because of it.

Live Long and Synergize.