Do the right thing, Just do it!!!!

Some days I can relate to Forrest Gump, i'm not a smart man.  It's taken me a lot of years to realize this.  My sophomoric tendencies led me to be skeptical of lessons learned from established best practices.  Man, was I wrong.  I learned the hard way, just do the right thing and right things will happen.  

In business we always look at ROI and try to analyze (really, it's over-analyze) every scenario, every variable and try to predict the best ends.  Sometimes we justify taking shortcuts or ignoring the truth to generate an equal end through an inferior means.  But ultimately it doesn't pan out, we ultimately have to pay (a lot more) for the shortcut.  

Really the reward for doing the right thing is the fact that you did the right thing.  For us that simple principle has led to a lot of ancillary benefits such as:

  • Confidence
  • Freed resources for service, value add and continual improvement activities
  • Stability in the upstream or downstream processes
  • Landing and retaining customers
  • Employee & customer satisfaction

Specifically, we put an ESD epoxy floor in our facility, it's a significant capital expense that if/when we move we can't take with us.  We did the cost analysis, it was cheaper to wax and maintain the floor.  But, we knew it was the right thing and we did it.  What happened?  We landed one our largest customers because of it.  When they saw they knew we were serious,  we got the business (winning!!!).  That's just one of may,  below are more of the right things we have done:

In the end it works like a flywheel, once you choose to do the right thing, the momentum builds upon itself, before you know it you're rollin' in the good times.

Do the right thing (in business and in life), why? because it's, it's own reward. 

Live long and do right.