Leadership - It's really not easy, here's the hardest part.

The conclusion that everybody has come to is to gauge a company's success you have to look at the leadership. 

Since that realization there has been a significant push in leadership development.  There are numerous approaches and experts out there pushing systems.  The concept of leadership has been broken down and simplified that anybody can really understand it.

So if leadership has been defined  so we can develop leaders, why aren't in a world full of leaders.

The hardest part of leadership is leading one's self.  You can go through the motions that may make you a "good" leader externally, but one day the internal deficiencies will catch up with you.  

If we could achieve all things we could achieve, we would have done it by now.  To make sure we keep on leading ourselves external influences are needed, this includes a positive peer group, mentoring advisory boards and coaching.  You have to stop look in the mirror and introspect and the right group of people can be that mirror for you.

At Amtech we have reached out to many individuals and groups to make sure we keep ourselves on track.  With their guidance and our commitment we have made great strides in building our organization and great leaders.

Leadership is a journey, we can't wait to see what we will accomplish in the future.

Live Long and Lead Yourself