Black and white - Is there really room for anything else?

Recently we have been going of some strategic planning.  We discussed a lot of things, sales, marketing, efficiency and innovation objectives.  Many of us had the wait and see approach, the future is unknown so why be so black and white?  

After a great discussion we came to the conclusion everything is black and white a decision or direction has to be made, it doesn't mean its written in stone.

Advantages of being decisive

  • Knowledge is Power - More Knowns less unknowns, the better decisions are made
  • Common starting Point - A baseline for decisions for the group
  • Same Page - Less miscommunication
  • Less Hurt Feelings - Expectations don't become un-realistic
  • Direction - Once you make a decision you know you can march forward
  • Momentum - The more knowns the more we can progress

So at the end of our planning meeting we concluded how we want to grow, what type of customers we want to pursue and how to resolve potential conflicts.  Doing all this makes us feel good and confident, we feel we are in control of our destiny.

Black or white, don't be in the grey, there is a sense of relief in it.

Live Long and be Decisive.