Leadership Oakland - Class XXVII

I had a great experience this weekend. One that will stay with me for a lifetime.  We kicked off Class 27 of the Leadership Oakland Cornerstone Program.

I learned a lot about the people in the community I live and work in.  I also learned how lucky I am to be associated with Oakland County and in this program.

So first the people - I was really humbled and inspired to hear the stories of all these leaders in Oakland County.  I met people who have been around the world, who initiated anti-bully legislation, some who have rebooted their careers multiple times, future public servants, entrepreneurs and business people, all who have made an impact in their lives, their families and communities.  The amount of struggle, joy, achievements, drive heart and vision this group has is extraordinary.  

Now the County -  Man, the leadership in Oakland County knows how to manage.  They take their responsibility of serving the public seriously and it shows.  I found out they budget 3 years out, meaning they make sure our taxes will be used for services effectively.  This allows them to provide services like the One Stop Shop Business Center.  The county has set quite a benchmark in public service and i'm glad to be associated with it.

I have a lot to learn from everybody and really excited to see what happens through our journey together!!!

Live Long and Lead On