Yeah, We are a technology company

Electronics is a huge industry, not just the products but the manufacturing infrastructure as well.

There are a lot of people who provide electronics manufacturing as a service all across the globe.

It's like there is a formula for it now, equipment, facility, software, talent. Everybody has done it and they all have been successful.

To add more value, for the industry to progress, to let some creativity in, to have fun, we felt there has to be another way. So is there another way?

Through lots of R&D we, in fact, found a better way, that was fun for everybody. That was the invention of new technologies for electronics manufacturing.

We love tech, not because we are technophiles. We have not pledged an allegiance to fashionable techno-trends, nor do we want to act hip.

We love tech because of the immense value it provides.

Amtech IS A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, that happens to build electronics. We have developed new technologies to provide immense value to our customers. Here's some of them

  • AmtechOS - Our own custom software that manages product data and production processes.
  • AmDT - Our free end of line defect tester.
  • Custom Robots - We have developed our own robotic automation platform which reduces cost and gives us flexibility.
  • Agile Mfg - Our blended approach to manufacturing.

Too good to be true? Test out our tech, test out Amtech, send us an RFQ, we'd love to hear your feedback.