We are capable of supporting YOU in the development of your product.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly 

PCB Assembly

With 20+ years of experience, building circuit boards is what we do. We are able to provide any mixed technology with surface mount (SMT) and through hole (TH). 

We can quote turn-key, partial turn-key, labor only & consignment.  

We are setup for production jobs; However, we understand for a new product's success, testing and validation through prototyping is needed.  We are capable of any job from production to prototypes.



Box Build/Mechanical Assembly

As a complement to building circuit boards we are able to utilize our facility to support the circuit boards in building box builds and complete fulfillment.

Wire Harness

Wire Harness

With circuitboards many times there is a wire harness that is necessary to complement the board.  We can make wire harnesses for small to production runs.









To ensure the highest reliability and quality, testing is a must. We are able to provide this testing in-house along with any environmental testing as well.