Circuit boards are found in every single electronic device, and electronic devices surround us and have become an integral part of our lives.  Amtech is setup to cater to all of these electronics no matter what industry it of.

We started out Building boards for Industrial applications and this is where we developed into the company we are today. We originally got ISO 9001 certification keeping our vision for quality alive. Industrial Electronics are many times send into the field and need environmental testing conformal coating to ensure it works into the future.

In our persuit to build electronics with excellence, and to push innovation forward, we felt it was important for us to venture in the the Aerospace arena.  With our Advanced Quaility System we are able to ensure that all the requirements of AS9100 are followed.

We are able to trace the build of electronics to a part level.

With the capabilities of Vapor Phase Reflow we are able to create the most robust solder joint possible.

Located in the heart of the Automotive Industry.  Amtech is prepared to take on any automotive project.  With our Advanced Quality Management System in place to make sure we comply to the rigors of TS 16949.

Following the PPAP process we have succesfully launched and built many automotive projects

With Medical Devices it can be a matter of saving someones life, so we understand the importance of making sure the product is built with excellence, and for a long time.  

With our ISO 13485 Certification and experience in building medical devices we are poised to be a successful partner.